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Only With You: Timeless Romance Book 3

Diandra: I was not sure if our marriage would work.

There were a million things that could go wrong. But, I was ready to put my heart and soul into making it a success.

I wanted to please your family. I wanted to take care of my father.

But, you didn’t want anyone or anything to come between us. You wanted me only for yourself.

Within days of being married, you bought a new home. And took me away. You separated me from everyone. You made me put my dream on hold.

And all I wanted to do was run away. From you and your all-consuming love.

Vikram: I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to shower you with love.

So I took you away and gave you everything I could think of. You were the girl I was in love with. The pigtailed girl who used to smile shyly at me.

Now, you are my wife. And I want to hold you close.

What is wrong with that? But, I believe I’ve misjudged you.

You didn’t want any of that. You wanted to be free.

So you sneaked out in the middle of the night. Like a thief.

But Di, I will leave no stone unturned to find you.

You see, we have got one life and this life I intend to spend only with you.

In Timeless Romance Book 3, Diandra and Vikram’s story moves forward and comes to an end. Book 3 however can be read as a standalone. But, reading Book 2 which is Not Without You will make the reading journey sweeter.

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Besotted: Accidental Romance Book 1

Anaira is attractive, successful and filthy rich. Apparently she has everything and everyone under control.

Neel is grumpy, not much of a talker and abrupt. He is a gifted coder who is on the wrong side of the weighing scale.

They are the North and South Pole.

Yet, they connect online over their common love for photography.

But when they meet in broad daylight they dislike each other instantly.

“I don’t think this is working. This was a bad idea.” Anaira says.

“If it doesn’t work out, we don’t have to meet again. Ever.” Neel promises.

What happens after such a start?

Read this charming, breezy romance to find out.

Besotted is the first book in the Accidental Romance series. In the next book, a new story will unfold.

Her Last Letter by Chitrangada Mukherjee

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Not Without You: Timeless Romance #2

Timeless Romance Book 2

Diandra: I was in love with you. There was never any doubt about it.

Since that rainbow morning, when I bumped into you while cycling on the road. I hadn’t expected you to immerge from that corner.

You saw how I had turned red with embarrassment.

So you smiled and said, “Not a big deal.”

You were sweet to me although my tyres had rolled over your feet.

I had figured you for a kind soul. Not the ruthless, super-rich playboy everyone said you were.

Guess, I was wrong.

That night when I came to you beaming in love, you spurned me. And broke my heart.

Six years have elapsed since that night. Now finally, I am happy and ready to forget you. And grab my share of happiness.

 I am about to start a life without you.

Vikram: I never liked your smile. It made me lose myself. Made me someone I was not.

Soft, kind and considerate.

I couldn’t tell you that. I couldn’t tell you why I had to let you go – that night.

Strangely, you never looked back. Never tried to find out why. For years, I wanted you to.

Now you are here. Ready to turn into a glowing bride.

But, I am afraid Diandra, I can’t let that happen.

This time, I am not leaving without you.

Releasing in September 2020

One Rain-Kissed Night: Chance Encounter Romance Book 3

A Saga of Love, Betrayal & Revenge

One rain kissed night, on the eve of their marriage, Arman disappears. Rimjhim looks for him everywhere but fails to find him. Disheartened and discarded at the altar, she returns to Mumbai. And her job.

Four years later, Rimjhim decides on marrying a man who has stood by her through her darkest times. Her manager Jimmy, who has now become the CEO of his company.

Within months of their marriage, Jimmy loses his position as the CEO, when a large percentage of the company’s shares are bought by an unknown entity who goes by the name of AK.

AK is determined to ruin Jimmy’s life. And steal his wife away.

Who is this mysterious AK? What does he want? Will Rimjhim finally find out why Arman disappeared that night?

Read this saga of love, betrayal and revenge to find out. In the third book of the Chance Encounter Romance Series.

A short sequel of this book will be out in 2021.

Read One Rain Kissed Night

Her Last Letter

Dear Atharv,

It’s an irony, really. I am doing exactly what you had said I would and I had promised myself – I won’t. I am writing to you. A letter.

Begins Meenakshi, writing a letter to a man who had broken her heart.

Years ago, she had worked under Atharv as a copywriter. He was engaged to someone else then, and yet he had pulled her close. When in turn, she tried returning his affection, he had pushed her away. Leaving her devastated.

Two years later, he reaches out to her. But, in these two years, she has changed. Considerably. And a new man has entered her life.
Although Atharv was never too far away — in her mind.

In The Last Letter that she writes to him, she shares her innermost thoughts, her memories, and her answer to his question, hoping that he will finally see her. The way she saw him.

One Starry Night by Chitrangada Mukherjee

One starry night, Arman runs into Rimjhim at the airport. Although two years ago they had left together for Mumbai, something had pulled them apart. They were now living in two different worlds.

Arman has catapulted into a famous TV star. Rimjhim has worked her way up the corporate ladder.

When Rimjhim spots Arman at the airport, she tries running away from him. But, Arman follows her. And soon she realises that they are on the same flight to Kolkata.

What happens when Rimjhim and Arman come face to face and are reminded of the passion they once shared? While danger lurks nearby, ready to pounce on them…

Join their scintillating journey to find out.

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One Starry Night is the second book in the Chance Encounter Romance series. The first being One Moonless Night.

A Story Away: A Dark Romantic Thriller

Tilottama wakes up in an unknown house, which looks nothing short of a palace, with no memory of how she ended up there. As she tries to reconnect the dots of her memory and her strange circumstance, she is sucked deeper and deeper into a mysterious puzzle and a man who holds the missing pieces of the puzzle, Samudra Chola.

A highly successful, self-made business wonder, Samudra Chola’s rags to riches story has inspired many. He is also known to be ruthless when it comes to cracking business deals, beating competition and dating women.

There is however a secret he carries in his heart, a secret that ties him to Tillotama.

What is the deadly secret?

What happens when Tilottama who is still fighting the haunting flashes of her memory meets the cold and mysterious Samudra?

Read this dark romantic thriller to find out.

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