My Published Work: Paperbacks

Shining the light on 3 of my published books which are also available as paperbacks.

My first book that was published as paperback in 2021

Three Women & a Murder

Sukanto Bhattacharjee, sole heir of the wealthy Bhattacharjee family dies a few days before his thirty fifth birthday. Leaving behind three distressed women. The shocked mother, Sagota. The hapless wife, Kalpana. And the paranoid paramour, Shayantika.

Sukanto wasn’t brutally murdered. On the contrary, he was found dead in his study, sleeping peacefully. His autopsy report too indicated organ failure. And, Sukanto left an intriguing letter under his favourite crystal jug, which reads like a suicide note.

Baffled and clueless the about-to-retire Superintendent of Police, Mr Roy after spending months on the investigation reluctantly closes the case in absence of evidence. Even though his colleague Inspector Malakar is unconvinced.

This is when the three women narrate their stories of loving, hating and wanting Sukanto.

Only one of them is a killer.

But the question is who and why?

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Strange As It May Seem

“Love which is the lone gateway to our souls. Let it take you where it will — to the darkness of hell and incandescence of heaven.”

Trishna is an innocent, sheltered girl, living with her grandmother, Mrs.Binodini Chatterjee. Unaware of the outside world and its cruel ways, she is happy to be in the world of dreams and books.

Darvesh is a shrewd money-lender focussed only on what would give him the best returns. Hard-hearted and ruthless, Darvesh knows no love other than the love for money.

What happens to their relationship forged entirely for mutual benefit? Does it become a lifelong one or does it scar and change them forever? Read the book to find out.


‘A moving, profound and hauntingly beautiful tale of love.’ – Ashok Vasodia, Film producer, Andhadhoon

‘This is not your typical love story. It deals with real people and their emotions and struggles. I was in tears by the time the book ended, such is the power of the story.’ – Chitra Iyer, book reviewer

‘Gripping and lucidly written, this is the work of an accomplished storyteller.’ – Mujibur Rehman, Scholar and Critic

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I give you a sneak peek into my book

Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic

A fun and romantic ride

1 pm: Heart’s pounding, hands shaking. Have these knots in my stomach. But drinking isn’t an option. Maa is sleeping with me. Baba in Lalitaji’s room. And she on the sofa. Want to step into the toilet, take one swig, and then go directly to sleep. How the hell will Maa know? I mean she’s sleeping like a log. No, no, shouldn’t. What if she wakes up? She’s a light sleeper, after all. 11.30 pm: No wine. Or vodka. Terrible, terrible night. When will they go back to Kolkata and let me be? 11.32 pm: Chhi . . .Chhi . . . How selfish am I? My parents, one with a heart condition, spent thousands on flight tickets and landed in Chennai. Why? Because they wanted to spend time with their widowed daughter. And what does the daughter want? To sneak into the toilet and take one good swig of wine. Shame on her! Okay, now I’m being over-dramatic.

Meet Madhubala Ray a thirty-year-old brand-spanking-new widow in Chennai. She lives with her seventy-year-old mostly-silent MIL—whose name she can’t remember, teaches Social Science to bratty teenagers, and suddenly has a life filled with unpredictable men, catty colleagues, a bisexual best friend, and . . . heart-wrenching memories of her late husband.

How does she deal with all of that? By baring it all, in her diary. Join this oddball-widow who always keeps it real as she gives an honest account of a young North Indian working woman in Chennai, who tries to survive a tragedy through wine and vodka, her quirky sense of humour, and refuses to give up on love. Despite its oddities.

The question is: does she survive and find love, again? Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic is a story that is brutally honest, funny, romantic and liberating. It’s a slice of life you wouldn’t want to miss.


“Chitrangada Mukherjee writes in a way that turns seemingly mundane situations into comical ones. I loved how the romance in Secret Diary of an Incurable Romantic isn’t really the cheesy mushy sorts but is subtle and understated.It also explores romances of not just the younger generations but also of elderly ones is something worth appreciating.”

Sankalpita of Bookgeeks (India’s top book blog)

“The characterization is intelligently executed, providing an apt balance between those needed to take the story forward and those who just get lost with the flowing alcohol. And, in everything Madhubala keeps her sense of humour alive.”

Samvedna Singh

“Chitrangada Mukherjee’s novel touched me in the way only Cecelia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You had done in the past. So yes, it is an amazing book and I would love to lay my hands on more of her works in the future!”

Ritika Chhabra

“A sure shot page turner I loved this book so very much. I am actually sad that it is over now. I wish the writer had added 100 more pages to it.”

Anuradha Mohankumar

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