A film that is better than your best reads

When you have a premise this powerful, the onus of making it work becomes critical. Her delivers not only in the screenplay department but, in every other departments of film-making. A stellar star cast and acting powered by none other than the Joker himself; I mean Joaquin Phoenix. Appropriate and shot enhancing music. Cinematography. And the coming together of it all in a way not many romantic films do. No, not even in Hollywood.

It’s subtle, philosophical, uplifting and uncannily close to reality in a sense that it creates a world in which humans are increasingly grappling with relationships and loneliness. So much so that trusting and opening up in front of an OS becomes easier than an ex-wife.

And handwritten letters have to be written by someone else and purchased by those who want to say something special to their loved ones. Theodore writes such letters for a living.

Her creates a world not so far off in future where technology becomes a part of life in such a way that having an OS as the girlfriend becomes acceptable. There is a scene in the film when Theodore takes Samantha, the OS installed on his phone for a picnic with his friend and his girlfriend.

But, that’s just one part of the story. Throughout the film, the conflict and differences between a human and a machine remains. Particularly, the absence of a body. Although AI can enter a realm where it can duplicate human feelings, it can’t create a human body so that the machine becomes human.

When Samantha the OS with whom Theodore, played by Phoenix despite his initial reservations finally falls in love, the questions of not having a body and the need for physical intimacy becomes the reason for conflict.

This story does not have a happy ending. We guessed as much. From the very beginning. Still, we stay hooked till the end to see how a relationship as strange and rare as this unfolds and ends.

As a writer and a creator, I found the premise of the film extraordinary. No wonder it won an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay in 2014. And its music was nominated for the Best Original Score. But, for me the silent winner was Scarlett Johansson’s voice as the OS Samantha. I don’t think it’s easy to play a character in a film using only one’s voice. And play it this convincingly.

If you are looking for a movie to open you up, then watch Her. If you are looking for astounding, original content, then watch Her. If you are a sucker for romance and are bored with the run of the mill, shallow crap in romantic comedy, then this is your film.

Trust me it’s as good as reading a good book. If not, better.

Her is available on amazon prime.

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