Three Men & A Strange Murder

Writing is an isolated endeavor but the joy of sharing your stories with the world makes it tolerable and even worth sticking to. However, at times you bleed a tale that in hindsight you wish you didn’t have to share with anyone. Not even with the ones closest to you. This story is one of them. Here’s the blurb:

“Not all that’s nurtured blooms.”

In the sleepy town of Agartala, a honeymooning couple stumbles upon the dead body of a woman buried in their backyard.

The body is found to be that of a woman named Rituparna Bagdi. A popular English teacher who gave Mathematics tuitions to her senior students.

The principal of Rituparna’s school is shocked to hear of her demise. She had resigned only a month ago – rather abruptly through an email. And vanished without warning.

As Inspector Jui Roy investigates her first big case after being side-lined for years, she stumbles upon Rituparna’s diary. In her diary, the young, brilliant and popular school teacher mentions three men.

One, her ex-husband Mrinal Chatterjee. An alcoholic and fledgling actor who had a love-hate relationship with his wife.

Two, her colleague, the Mathematics teacher Virendra Jha who was losing a chunk of his tuitions to the new English teacher.

Three, Paul Jamatia, an eighteen-year-old, poor tribal student who is a Maths genius in the making.

While Inspector Roy and SI Das investigate the murder, the three men reveal why they loved, hated and wanted Rituparna.

Only one of them is a murderer.

But, the question is who and why?

With this book, we see the rise of Inspector Jui Roy and her partner in solving crime, SI Pritam Das.

In the video, I tell you why you must read this amazon bestselling crime thriller.

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