Death of Me: A Short Psychological Thriller

After the heartwarming response to my novella, Three Women & A Murder, my belief in writing psychological thrillers with a focus on the human mind and its trappings and not merely suspense mysteries/drama has been strengthened. So here’s another e-novella, which is about the befuddling murder of a housewife named Sukanya Swaminathan. It’s available on amazon kindle and is free on kindle unlimited.

The complete blurb:

Sukanya Swaminathan is dead. She committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace of her building, while her son slept in his room and her husband worked on a high priority project in his plush IT office.

It does seem like a case of suicide. Except for the fact that Sukanya’s face was burnt by acid.

As Inspector Raman and SI Nair investigate the death of a forty five year old housewife, they are befuddled by the complexity of the case.

Was Sukanya just another statistic? A depressed housewife jumping to her death. Or, did someone bump her off? And most importantly, what is Sukanya’s side of the story?


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